Why We Are Wooing Nigerians Abroad To Buy Land, RevolutionPlus Property MD & Wife

Why We Are Wooing Nigerians Abroad To Buy Land, RevolutionPlus Property MD & Wife
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This is a good moment for RevolutionPlus Property Development Company Limited, as the company just signed a multi-million deal with Access Bank Lagos Marathon, a deal that will last for 5 years. Secondly, the company has been to several countries, more especially in Europe. Few weeks back, the MD, Mr. Bamidele Onalaja and Executive Director of the company (his wife), Mrs. Tolulope Onalaja were on tour to European countries; they were in three countries promoting and selling the products of RevolutionPlus Property. Presently, they are number one real estate company in the diaspora, as more and more people now key into their ideas and products. They traveled to Germany and proceeded from there to United Kindgom and France.

Few weeks back, the MD and his amiable wife spoke to City People’s ISAAC ABIMBADE, on their new moves and also spoke about their deal with Access Bank Lagos Marathon.

Sir, please tell us about your landmark deal with Lagos City Marathon?

Thanks for the question. Well, we just signed a five-year deal worth 500 million naira with the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon. This is part of our corporate social responsibility as a company. We provide affordable housing at RevolutionPlus and also we try to promote sports because when you are healthy, you would be alive to buy and enjoy our properties. So, that’s why we signed the deal with them. The deal is a good deal! We are happy and excited about it.

Please tell us the benefits of the deal to your real estate company, sir.

The benefits are enormous. Beyond profit, we are looking at the corporate social responsibility benefits to the people around us. We are also using it to support the government and identify with what the government is doing and also to provide more publicity to us as a company. Although, the profit might not be immediate but when people know us and when they think of any real estate company, they will think of RevolutionPlus, this even includes those in diaspora because we have a lot of clients in the diaspora. They would think of us as the No1 Real Estate Company in Nigeria.

(MD). We noticed that you have been traveling a lot recently, you travelled to Paris, London, Germany just to mention a few. Please tell us what you are trying to achieve.

We have some new things that are on going which I wouldn’t like to let out of the bag just yet but all I can say is that we are trying to do is to seek for more knowledge so that we can improve our real estate market in Nigeria and make it better. Nigeria is home to us, so we travel around the world to see how things are done there so we can take advantage of it and be able to influence and do more in Nigeria. We were in London, (UK), Paris and we also went to Stuttgart in Germany. We also attended an exhibition in London recently. So, when we combine what we have with the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon, then the sky is the limit for us.

Sir, what are your achievements over the past 4 years since you started and what are the things you still plan to achieve?

Well, so far, we have successfully provided over 12 thousand homes to our various clients. Going forward, we hope to hit a target of about 20 thousand homes in the next 4 years. We have affordable housing, we have houses as little as N800,000. We have houses of 35 million and properties as low as 1.5 million. We are meeting the needs of the high income, middle income and low income earners.

Madam (Executive Director), Please tell us about your deal with Lagos City Marathon

It is a wonderful initiative and we are very happy to be part of the Lagos City Marathon. I was part of it this year. I was there and very impressed at the level at which the program was organized; it met the world class standard! It’s a brand and an initiative that is worthy to be identified with.

Please tell us ma, what do you stand to gain from this partnership deal?

Well, the brand like I said is world wide and it’s view by everyone in the world having met the international standard. So, being a part of it will give us a leverage to position ourselves to be the No1 real estate company in Nigeria; RevolutionPlus would be mentioned when talking about real estate companies. So we know for sure that this deal will bring about popularity and more brand awareness.

Please tell us about your recent activities?

We were in London 3 weeks ago and the reactions of the diaspora clients could not be quantified because they have never seen any real estate company that will bring real estate closer to them from Nigeria the way we did. They even compliment us for our services such as delivering important documents right to their doorsteps. They were so excited! We also did this in the US. This has given most of our clients so much confidence and by the time we were leaving, we had so many referrals from our clients and that has really helped us because we are happy to see our clients come back home and have something and not being duped by family members and agents. We have been able to gain their trust. It is our joy that Nigerians can still be trusted in terms of business and the fact that we represent that in Nigeria.

(Executive Director). Are you in anyway planning to move Abroad ma?

We are not moving there, although we have an office in Dallas. All we are trying to achieve in the countries we have been is to have partners there that would volunteer to represent us over there. So of course, we are not going to leave Nigeria. In fact we are proudly Nigerians and we are proud to be affecting the world positively from Nigeria.

To all our beautiful Wives mothers sister and Grandmas Happyhellip
To all our beautiful Wives mothers sister and Grandmas Happyhellip
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