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The Story Of BBN Naija Star, TEDDY A & His Woman

The Big Brother Naija 2018 reality tv show has come with a lot of razzmatazz for fun lovers across the globe. But the talk about the show will be incomplete without mentioning Teddy A, BamBam, their love affairs and Teddy A’s baby mama. This year’s edition is tagged ‘Double […]

The Big Brother Naija 2018 reality tv show has come with a lot of razzmatazz for fun lovers across the globe. But the talk about the show will be incomplete without mentioning Teddy A, BamBam, their love affairs and Teddy A’s baby mama. This year’s edition is tagged ‘Double Wahala’ and it is nothing less for the fast rising singer who came into the Big Brother house in pursuit of fame for his brand, person and music. ‘Badman Teddy’ came into the house with a woman in his life who also has a baby boy for him but the table turned around when Biggie paired him with another housemate, Bam Bam, whom he eventually fell in love with. Having spent a good number of weeks together, Teddy A actually shed tears when Bam Bam was evicted from the show to prove how emotionally attached he was to the tall, beautiful church girl. Teddy A as well has been evicted and he will be left with a decision as to weather to settle with his baby mama or pitch his tent with his new found love, BamBam.

29-year-old very handsome Tope Adenibuyan, Teddy A, is a recording artiste and graduate of the University of Texas, he is also known as Badman Teddy and loves football, a fan of Manchester United. Teddy is also a doting dad that adores spending quality time with his baby boy. He considers his high points to be when his son was born and getting his recording contract.

Before entering the Big Brother Naija 2018 house, Teddy revealed that there were only two things in this world that make him jam: recording and making music in the studio.

A self-described chameleon who can fit in any society, Teddy joined the BBNaija 2018 housemates because he wants to ‘blow’ and ‘be popular’. His ever-supporting family and his four brothers have all rallied behind him.

The beautiful mother of Teddy A‘s son, Layla Amani, is a Moroccan model. At the moment, not much has been known about her except those basic details. She however, is the one who gave him (in his words), the high point in his life which he said to be when his son was born. Though he informed media men that he has a son, although he didn’t say much about the mother of the child.

However, given the many turns of events in the Big Brother house, it has been understood that there is indeed, someone in Teddy’s life outside the house. People have gone wild with speculations, concluding that he has to be referring to the beautiful Layla since no one else has shown nor claimed any romantic allegiances with the rising star. He made this known in his diary session after he pointed us in the direction of the toilet rendezvous he had with fellow housemate, BamBam with whom he has been romantically involved since they were paired by Biggie..
He told Biggie that he hopes he still has a girlfriend even with the stunt he has pulled already in the house by sleeping with Bam Bam. He concluded by saying he is just having fun with BamBam.

Real name is Oluwabamike Olawunmi but then she is known in the house as BamBam. She is a multi talented young lady who is part of the BB Naija 2018 contestants vying for the N45 million prize but was evicted along the line.
Bambam who was born in 1990 in Ogun State is an actress, broadcaster, singer, voice over artiste, event host, creative director, and on air personality. Her parents are reportedly divorced and she attended film school as a means of overcoming her parents divorce. She is a graduate of Microbiology from Bells University of Technology, Ota, Ogun State and currently works as a marketing management staff at Hausba Experience. She also has a musical single to her credit. It is a gospel music which she calls “Rest”. Bam Bam has starred in a number of movies among them is The Train.
Expressing herself when she was asked about her relationship with her love interest, Teddy A while she was still in the house, the evicted housemate, BamBam has said she’d be willing to keep things going with the singer after the Big Brother house.
Following her eviction from the house on Saturday, March 31 night, when Ebuka paid a visit to the housemates and announced her removal from the house, while speaking with the talk show host earlier that night, BamBam revealed that she’d ‘genuinely’ like to continue what she and her Teddy A started in the Big Brother house.
She says so long as he’s also down to continue, then she too is also willing to have a relationship with him after the house – this comes after Teddy A, during a conversation with fellow housemate, Rico, revealed that instead of continuing with his babymama, he’d rather start a new life with BamBam.
Teddy, made this revelation while answering Rico’s question of whom he’d rather be with outside the house. BamBam too had revealed that she knows about Teddy A’s baby mama outside the house.
Bambam said she was helplessly in love with Teddy A, who had in more one occasion talked about his baby-mama.
Bambam, is however optimistic that the other lady is Teddy A’s past while she dreams of occupying his present and future.
Confessing her love for Teddy to fellow housemate, Lolu, during her stay at the Big Brother Naija house, Bambam, an upcoming actress, said, “I’m aware Teddy had a lady outside the house.

Teddy A and Bambam are one of the most talked about couples in the ongoing BBNaija reality show. Their chemistry in the house has earned them quite a huge number of supporters on social media. However, while most people are in crazy about the lovebirds in the house, Teddy A has finally defined their relationship in very clear terms. In a recent chat among the housemates, Ifu Enada asked him his relationship in the house won’t affect his main relationship. According to her, since he has a girlfriend outside and he is with Bambam in the house, does this mean whenever he goes on tour, he would get a new girl? Teddy A, after trying hard to beat around the bush revealed once more that what he had with BamBam was strictly for the game and nothing more. According to him, what happens in the house, remains in the house.

However, things look to have taken a new turn after Teddy A indirectly hinted on starting a new life with fellow Bambam after the reality show. Teddy A dropped the hint during a conversation with Rico on his plans just before he was unexpectedly evicted from the show. Rico asked Teddy A, “If you have three options: jump off the roof of this building, move on with your baby mama or start a new life with Bambam, what will it be?”
Responding, Teddy A said, “That’s a mad question, I will actually start a life with Bambam because I have tasted life with her.
“As for my baby mama, that ship has sailed, she is now married.” Recall that few weeks into the show, both housemates were caught on camera having sex in the toilet. Just last Saturday, Bambam had pleaded with Teddy A not to impregnate her before she leaves the show. To further ascertain the facts, Teddy A, spoke for the first time after his eviction on Sunday, April 1, 2017.
Teddy A said after his eviction, “I feel fine. My girl left and now I’m out. “All my life I have always had issues with women. I will handle Bambam and my baby-mama maturely.
“I will help Bambam.
“I went into the house to sell myself, my brand and my music.
“Bambam has something to offer.
“I genuinely care about her.”

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