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Afolabi Kazeem Accused Davido Of Owing Him 60 Million Naira (Details)

In a lengthy set of Instagram posts, a man by the name of Afolabi Kazeem accused the ‘Fall’ singer, Davido of trying to kill him and also stealing N60 million from him. He also averred that the singer had also threatened his loved ones. He said; @davidoofficial I think […]

In a lengthy set of Instagram posts, a man by the name of Afolabi Kazeem accused the ‘Fall’ singer, Davido of trying to kill him and also stealing N60 million from him.

He also averred that the singer had also threatened his loved ones.

He said; @davidoofficial I think and know that you know and understand what it means to bring this whole drama on to social media. I am doing this cause you have threatened not just my life but the life of my loved ones. I am taking this step by step use your head my nigga and send my 60 million naira i have proofs. Wicked soul.

60 Million naira facade.

On this faithful day January 24, 2011, i met David Adeleke through his cousin chinedu (npz) for business purposes. I am a jeweller so met him on that purpose and for business reasons. Along the line we became friends and then he brought business ideas which were smart ones so i fell for the bond. He said he got a whole lot of contacts ranging from Nigeria to london. On february 5th 2011 we all left for ghana i, bayo adeleke known as bred, chinedu opute known as npz, adesua who was npz’s girl friend. It should be noted that we all went by road on the same vehicle heading to ghana. We stayed at my apartment in ghana. We stayed together for over a month. At that% period in time he was low on cash. I got him and bayo adeleke a ticket to london cause he was low on funds and he was the one with the contacts at which we had to deliver the jewelry to. Mind you i was to travel with them but a whole lot of excuses popped up! They started by saying i might cut them off there contacts if i go with them so i laid low because money was involved and they were leaving npz and adesua in ghana with me pending the time they made sales and head back to deliver my money in ghana. Unknown to me Part 2 loading.

He continued in a series of posts which he divided in ‘Parts’

Part 2 One of the many police invites carrying david adeleke’s name. One of the many invites he refused to show up for. One of the many invites david adeleke refused. Davido you put me through troubles. You resisted all arrest, you and bayo adeleke @bredhkn resisted arrest from the police. Nigeria a corrupt country, where a citizen a normal civilian resisted arrest for years. You threatened me and my family (proofs intact). Now you block me here i would fight you david @davidoofficial I don’t care how many police men you bribe i would get my money from you.

Part 3 After they left Ghana and arrived London he told me he ran out of cash while in London so i had to refer him to my mum cause we all had high hopes on the money he was to make from the jewelries. He (david adeleke) went to my mum’s house and collected 2 thousand pounds from my mom in my name and the whole issue started from there. He claimed he was waiting for the buyer while he 911 was still at the hotel in London. Bayo adeleke known as bred was with him at the said hotel in London. We kept frequent communication while i was with adesua and npz in Ghana. Few days after they left ghana, i left the house to run an errand at which i prepared breakfast before leaving but i couldnt wait to eat cause i was late. On getting back from my outing i decided to eat the food i prepared after which i slept off. Now i did not know how i got to sleep off after the meal but on waking up the next morning i couldnt find adesua and npz. Part 4 loading.Afolabi Kazeem Accused Davido Of Owing Him 60 Million Naira (Details)

Part 4 I was trying to put one and two together cause i woke up with a very hard headache and i felt very dizzy within. I waited for them thinking they stepped out cause they didnt leave with any of there clothings but to no avail they didn’t come back. I pulled a call through to david but all he said was (GEE) we already left with the money which was en over 120 thousand pounds. I got into a whole mess with my boss after the incident in Ghana. I tried my best to beg david adeleke to get me the money cause a whole lot was at stake but all he did was rain insults and threats. I had to sell all valuable properties i worked for to pay the money. I came back to lagos cause i got an info stating that they were in lagos, i got hold of david adeleke and bayo adeleke at house 57 in victoria island. The owner of house 57 named collins was furious when i explained in full details to everyone. He said i should call the police, but they came up with tears and all they were begging for me to give them sometime which i agreed after much plea but they still ran away.

David adeleke and bayo adeleke went under cover for years. They ran so far from me i tried every medium i could to reach them but i couldn’t. 2 years later i got to find out where he stays so i went there on different occasions but i wasn’t granted access to him. With the help of friends who would want to be kept anonymous i got to see him one on one and he promised to repay me when he gets buoyant but of course he later went violent. I decided to go the legal way by informing the pollee% about the incident and he was invited on different occasions. He refused to honour the invitations. (Proofs intact). The deputy commissioner of police got mad at the situation and sent his men to go to his house and bring him on police orders he resisted them and came out with thugs who popped up with all sorts of destructive weapons including hand guns, machetes, knifes and all of that. He (david adeleke) fought the nigerian police alongside his thugs and friends. We had to leave the scenario so the situation wouldn’t get bloody. I tried all legal means to get my 60 million naira from someone who has 30 billion naira. All he could do was to threaten my life alongside my parents life. I have proofs to all this facts ranging from audios to videos to chats. Nigerians please help me beg david adeleke to give me my money he has caused me more damage than needed. If he claims he doesn’t know me i am sure you all are familiar with davido.Afolabi Kazeem Accused Davido Of Owing Him 60 Million Naira (Details)

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