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Woman chops off her boyfriend's penis over sextape leak (photos)
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Woman chops off her boyfriend

A young woman has been detained in the prison of Bouwer, in Córdoba, Spain, for mutilating her ex-boyfriend's genitals.

Speaking from prison, Brenda Barattini, 26, said she hurt her ex-boyfriend, 40, because he had shown an intimate video of them to his friend. As a result, she attacked him on the night of November 25, 2017.

Woman chops off her boyfriend

On Friday, April 13, she gave details of how the attack was carried out. Speaking to La Voz del Interior newspaper from a room of the prison for women located in the prison complex of the commune of Nouwer, she said:

I wounded him with a pair of scissors, I cut his limb, not the testicles

She added:

There was never an amputation, one of the things I'm angry about is that there has not been an amputation.

Woman chops off her boyfriend

Brenda, who had recently become an architect, told local media that she "wanted to hurt him there" but insisted that she did not amputate his testicles or his entire penis.

She told La Voz newspaper:

I cut his penis but not completely: I injured him. I left to ask for help. I did not want anything to happen to him, besides, I was afraid of the blood.

She said the sex tape which her ex-partner leaked was a violation of her privacy and it angered her. She said the attack on her partner was from a place of self-defense. She added that he had hurt her and damaged her psychologically and that he had treated her inhumanely.

"It caused me a very great psychological damage, violating my privacy, that is not done, not a woman, not a man, not anyone, I answered, maybe not in a correct way, but I answered," she said.

"It was a very serious damage what he did to me, if this video comes to light, this person for Justice is imprisoned, they have not found the video, I do not know what happened, he has recognized that there was a video and what happened."

Woman chops off her boyfriend

The young woman said that the attack was premeditated.

"I Google on the internet, I knew I could not do any harm to him, more than give him a scare," she said.

Barattini has been detained since November last year without bail and is charged with the crime of "very serious injuries". She reportedly said she regrets her decision. If found guilty, she could face 15 years in prison.

Woman chops off her boyfriend

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