Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
"We are ride or die" Old chat of Nina and Collins professing love for each other on Facebook
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Long before Nina went to Big Brother Naija and began a relationship with fellow housemate Miracle, she had a very close relationship with her former boyfriend Collins and they flaunted their love on social media.

In a post shared by Nina in October 2016, she explained why she loved Collins and said their love is forever.

"Do u guys know y I luv Collinz Onyex.....He is d male version on me ..and trust me we are ride or die," she wrote.

In reply, Collins wrote: " are so sweet, love you foreva."

According to reports, Collins, Nina's boyfriend of over a year, was the one who encouraged her to go for the reality show. However, since coming out of the house, they have not spoken, no doubt due to her relationship with Miracle in the house. And Nina has said she doesn't intend to call him or his family and friends because she doesn't want negative vibes.

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