Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

If na Africa na e go turn to binding and casting plus sleeping in fake prayer houses

For naija na village people send the bird they kill and bind the bird in the church

there is love in sharing jawe. thanks for the love

Eat my dear, you are just so nice

This one now na news?? Chaii

She is beautiful and graceful. She loves nature and nature loves her

Animal rights ambassador. Lol. I hope she does not get a virus from the bird.

When they catch bird flu now,they will say Chinese people are after their destiny.

I don’t think that size of bird can carry flu , I believe they got strong immune system cause they fly most of the time and interact with nature a lot hence got strong immune system ..

Dirty ugly bitch . Instead of leaving the food she started eating it again shame

U r the real bitch. Jealous bitch indeed.

Safer than putting dick in your mouth. Do you know where the dick has been? A lot of guys are dirty.

So? if it was a rat then that would be a problem

What kind of post is this. What’s news about this. People feed birds all the time some birds even eat from your palm and you continue eating what’s news worthy about this. Linda you are slacking. That’s why gist lover has taken over all of una. She fetches new worthy tea! When people said Linda was gistlover I laughed in swahili.

This is how we have ebola and corona o

Am not even seeing the bird, am just seeing the bra

She s as hungry as the bird, both are on same appetite level

Na because na for D’Abroad! If na for Naija, she for call am her ‘Village People’ – na fasting and prayer and binding and casting for follow!!! LOL!!!

Very STUPID move from an ignoramus; could easily catch some serious avian-born virus!

Very STUPID move from an ignoramus; could easily catch some serious avian-born virus!

I don’t think I would, unless I was starving. Who knows where else that beak has been? Probably in some waste bin where someone threw a used pads or a dead rat or something.

I kind of like this sweet girls reation.

Nija would have screamed, the blood of Jesus!!!, it is just nature having its moment.

Her member just came to deliver message �

The bird eat a little and left, and the lady continue, what I saw here is love and kindness.

If na Naija now, them for talk say na witch bird!

If na Nigeria now, na village people send am come chop your destiny

People are so sensitive for no reason. I bet if it was any other race, especially a white person, they will say it is cute. It is actually a pleasant moment and considered blessing when nature chooses you. We are one with nature.

Allowing the bird to eat was cool, but continuing to eat the food after the bird shared wasn’t cool at all. My concern is health-wise or hygiene matters. You never knew where that bird was coming from, and bacteria can spread so fast..e

The psychological chain on Nigerians is worse than the chain of slavery. At least with slavery, if they unchain them, they are free. But psychological chain is everlasting. Now imagine if this happened to a typical Nigerian, she would send her life into tailspin and pastors will open office on her head.

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