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Queen Blessing Ebigieson Talks About Her New Role As President, Asso. Of Movie Producers, Nigeria

Give it to celebrated Movie Director, Ambassador Dr. Queen Blessing Ebigieson, she has done well for herself in the movie industry. This talented actress who rose to the zenith of her career as a celebrated Movie director has just been sworn in as the new President of the Association of Movie Producers, Nigeria. She took over from late Peace Anyiam Osigwe. The event took place on 17th March 2023.

How does she feel taking up the leadership of this association? “It’s bittersweet, bitter because this is not how I would have loved to be President. Remember we lost our dear president, Madam Peace Anyiam-Osigwe MFR in January. I was her Vice President, and the Constitution needed to be invoked. So that was what happened on the 17th of March. I was sworn in as the president of the Association of Movie Producers, Nigeria. Sweet because the association is very dear to my heart and as president, It will give me more opportunities to lead and better the lives and businesses of our producers, know what happens. Life is for the living and we must learn to move forward no matter the pain. I learnt a lot under the leadership of my late president and I have no doubt in my mind that I will lead the association of movie producers in Nigeria well.

We got her to tell us about the association. The Association of Movie Producers, Nigeria is a professional body under which over 75% of Nollywood producers are members. The association looks after the interest of the producers who are members and even none members alike in the creative industry, either between government or private citizens.
What plans does she have for the association? “My plans for the Association of Movie Producers, Nigeria now that I am president, is to make sure the members are carried along in every activity of the association, and also look for more ways to better the lives of the filmmakers by negotiating with government and even private sectors to come on board to partner with our producers to make movies.

Also to make sure that members key into health insurance. That is very important. I also want to look into how members can begin to have a retirement plan, which is lacking in Nollywood, which is important because you cannot be strong forever. I also plan to teach my members to do crowdfunding, to fund big projects that can go far, to have a wider reach and to make more money. Crowdfunding is another way of making big quality movies while sharing equal risk and profits, continue to build capacity.”

Queen Blessing Ebigieson Talks About Her New Role As President, Asso. Of Movie Producers, Nigeria

How does she see the association? “The Association of Movie Producers, Nigeria has been in existence for over 26 years and it has been able to really do so much for its members. Associations are very important because everybody cannot go and lay complaints when they have issues, but they have somebody who can speak for them. So associations are very key. The Association of Movie Producers, Nigeria is one of the biggest and strongest associations in Nollywood today.
As the employer of Labour, as you know, producers employ everybody from directors, actors, costume designers, scriptwriters, make-up artists, etc everybody in the value chain…. My members are CEOs of companies. So, that makes it one of the most difficult associations to run.

She told us a little about her exciting career. “I came into Nollywood 24 years ago as an actor and while at that, I started doing ushering jobs. I also danced in music videos at some point. But when I had my son 17 years ago I had to drop some of those jobs like dancing and ushering jobs and even run away from modeling. I had to drop that to focus more on producing and acting. I also write stories. I became a producer about 16 years ago. So I’ve been a member of the Association of Movie Producers for over 16 years now and I’ve produced over 14 movies and I’ve written most of the stories. I’ve shot some of my movies in America, in the UK and here, of course, in Nigeria. So like I said, my career started as an actor and now doubles as a Producer and also a writer. I have practically done everything in the creative space.”
I was a former Treasurer of the Association of Movie Producers, former Vice President and now the President.

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