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lagos big girls in atlanta
  • For LAGOS Designer ALAARI’s Husband’s 50th
  • As All Of Them Dazzled In 18 Karat Gold
  • Details Of The Classy Party That Shut Down ATLANTA

It was an evening of unlimited fun in Atlanta Georgia when Lagos big babe, Mariam Alao Shittu popularly called by her brand name, Alaari who runs one of the thriving haute couture labels hosted friends and family to the 50th birthday of her husband, Alhaji Olalekan Shittu popularly called Baba Malik Laiyepe in Atlanta Georgia penultimate weekend.

The classy party was a lavish one as big boys and babes flew in from different parts of the country to celebrate with her. The party started with much fanfare and we can tell you that it is one of the classiest shindigs which trended heavily on social media even days after the event. Trust Nigerian babes, they surely know how to party hard and enjoy themselves.

The party took place on Saturday 24th at the Horizon Event Centre, Jimmy Carter Blvd, Norcross, GA and the hashtag for the party was #layepe50. You need to be at the party to know how classy and loaded the party was because it shook the whole of Atlanta that weekend.

The gists on everyone’s lips before the event was, are you going for Alaari’s husband’s birthday? To tell you that it was a big party. There was aso ebi for the event, it is a peach colour lace matched with a peach gele. Alaari took the front lead in the fashion sector, having been dressed by one of her closest allies, Jumoke Animashaun who is a top fabric merchant in Lagos, she runs the popular fabric store, Elsie Fabric. Alaari and her husband stood out at the party.

They danced into the reception venue to the admiration of all, Alaari dazzled in a lovely and expensive gold lace,all stoned gold headgear,18k gold jewelry matched with coral bead from Lagos jeweler, Geebalo and her husband wore a white Swiss Atiku fabric also with a coral long bead while their friends ushered them in. They later changed their outfits for the second time.

Alhaji Olalekan wore a blue Royal Swiss Atiku fabric while Alaari settled for an expensive premium HOH net lace with matching blue purse and shoe to go with it. Her outfit and her husbands own were supplied by Jumoke Animashaun, boss of Elsie’s fabrics. What did she wear on her neck? She got her neck doing all the talking with her exquisite 18k gold by the top jeweller, who also doubles as her friend, Aralamo Ashabi popularly known as Jamonde pieces of jewellery. Her aso oke headgear is from the queen of aso oke, Bimbo Ipaye who runs the popular Bimmms24 brand.

The party was a grand one, give it to our Naija ladies, they disturbed the peace of Atlanta with their gorgeous style, expensive pieces of jewellery, finesse, class and what have you. Sighting the golden invitation surely tells you what to expect at the party. The party can be tagged a party where 18k gold was the invitation because practically everyone there was wearing one.

As soon as guests arrived, they lodged at Hampton by Hilton Hotel and even the hotel management knew some Naija women were around.The stunning RSVP who attended to all guests were some of Alaari’s close pals in the person of Ranti Agbaminoja, Bose, popularly called Bee darling,Eskay Mabifa and Busola. Over 50 big babes stormed the party and most of them are in cliques.They dazzled in the coral Aso ebi supplied by Alaari herself is also one of the fabric merchants making waves in Atlanta and beyond.

Most of the celebrity babes at the event rocked an 18k gold jewellery from Aralamo Ashabi of Jamon de jewellery. At the party were the trio of very good and close friends of Alaari. Jumoke Animashaun is one of them, she was part of the organizing committee and she rocked a green velvet outfit with 18k gold jewellery set to match it. She was also the one who dressed Yewande Marshall, popular Canada big babe fondly called poshwendybella.

Yewande wore a green HOH lace and rocked the same type of 18k gold jewellery from Jamonde, in fact, they tied the same type of headgear. Another of this trio is the CEO of The Elites Nigeria, a news website, Kemi Akinyemi popularly called Abeke. she is a top journalist who has carved a niche for herself in society reporting in Nigeria.

She also stormed Atlanta with her friend, Jumoke and rocked a bottle green HOH lace and a simple but expensive 18k gold jewellery to nail the look. She is also one of the close pals of Mariam Alao fondly called by her brand name, Alaari. We sighted Folake Khadijat Thomas, a US big babe who is the CEO of Olowoshibi Kitchen from Maryland. She runs one of the popular restaurants in the US. She also wore the peach lace mixed with a beautiful net material.

She rocked an 18k gold jewellery from Jamonde. what about US big babe who is a realtor, Tolu of The supreme empire? She was also at the party with her friends. The quiet and unassuming pretty lady sells gold jewellery too. She is also into events, fabrics and styling business. When you see her next, then you will conclude that she practices what she preaches, she rocked a solid 18k gold and also dazzled with her style.

Shadiat Abolore Adunni called Shady Adunni also made this list.she glowed in her coral boubou outfit as well.Hon. Habiba Lasisi is the brain behind the fabricbyhaloolas outfit. The beautiful fashionista sells exclusive fabrics in both wholesale and retails, she is also an expert in Aso ebi. She is also one of the fabric merchants who sell the expensive HOH lace.we cannot forget in a hurry when she dazzled us with the fabric she wore on her birthday a few days back. She treated all her friends to a birthday dinner in the US.

She also stormed Atlanta and partied with her big sisters from New York and Chicago. This set of sisters sewn the same style with their Aso ebi and they glowed all through. Some of them were Chicago big babe Nikki Shittu who shut down Chicago on her 50th birthday, the divalicious Eniola Adufe, who shone in her 18karat gold, Beatrice Bukky, Bola Espanol is also not left out. Keemchick, Bosun Balogun fondly called Elle Dodoo, Feyikemi Orlando, Kuskus Berry were among the Aso Ebi Bella’s who shut down Atlanta in their solid gold jewellery.

What of this other US big Babe, whom all her friends call Sai Achabi. She is a fashionista and her style was overboard at the party. She looked beautiful for the party. Sighted was also Azuka Ogunjuiba, a stylish journalist, one of the very best in Nigerian journalism, she is also one of the close pals of the celebrant. Popularly called Zukilicious amongst her friends, she also took Atlanta by storm and looked good for the birthday party.

She sewed a tube dress with frills with her Aso ebi paired with a coral bead. She was there in the midst of her many friends whom they went to school together. She enjoyed herself thoroughly at the party and danced endlessly. Some of her friends who also stormed the party were Eni Balogun, the pretty brain behind the luxury make up range, Eni Lise. She rocked a lovely dress too with a cute brown skin Tote bag.

Kate Imafidon who wore a lovely peplum dress and heirloom event boss, Tosin Kasali Ibrahim were also present. Tosin is a top event planner in the US. It seemed like it was a show of women of the pen, see who we saw at the party again? Anne Damisa, she was Thisday newspaper Defense Correspondent, an astute journalist, inspirational speaker and project manager. She stays in the US now. She wore an oleku style for the party.

Popular US big babe too, Bukky Makun Ugboyebo dazzled us with her unique style. She wore a lovely dress and had a beautiful auto gele which had many accessories on it. She opted for a gold drop earring. She rocked the party with some of her friends too, the likes of Dunni Ajiboye, Ola Akerele, Ollyray, and Funmilayo Shittu, they all wore the coral Aso ebi lace. The pretty lady behind ATL gele, a makeup guru, Kiki glam makeovers, she made up for some of the big babes at the party.

Another makeup artist making waves in Atlanta who made up for most of the babes at the party was Sofowora Tomilola, she is the lady behind Biggles makeovers. She is a lawyer turned make up artist. She was the one who made up for one of the big babes in Chicago, Yetty Banks. Yetty Banks popularly called UP2U luxury stores is one big babe who calls the shots in the US. She deals in quality fabrics and other fashion items.

She flew all the way to Atlanta to support her friends. She partied with Kemi Akinyemi, Yewande Marshall, Jumoke Animashaun, Hon Habiba Lasisi, and her big sisters, Anicky Saya and Mrs I.Y. Also seen amongst these delectable ladies were Bose Etuaje Ogunfunmilade, bee darl, Moyosola Balogun, Pinky, Farida, Sismi Ebony, Pageless Coco and so many others. It was indeed a party to remember for a long time as many of them were already jostling for another repeat or part 2 of the party.



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