”Nigerian social media feminist are bitter romantically hurt men haters” writer, Odega Shawa says

''Nigerian social media feminist are bitter romantically hurt men haters'' writer, Odega Shawa says
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Writer Odegha Shawa in this piece he published on his Facebook page, described Nigerian feminists, particularly those on social media as ''bitter romantically butt hurt man haters''.

He shared the post following the debate that started after award winning author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie challenged former US first lady Hillary Clinton for having the title ''wife'' as the leading word describing her person on her twitter bio. Mrs Clinton yesterday rearranged her twitter bio, removing wife as the leading word describing who she is.

According to Odegha, true feminists like Chimamanda and Hillary are happily married. Read what Odegha published following Mrs Clinton's recent update below


Okay, that title is some kind of a click bait.

There are feminists in Nigeria.

True feminists.

Sensitive. Intelligent. Flexible. Dynamic characters with the miracles of mother nature singing true in their veins. Their activism does not derive from the misadventures of their vagina.

The vagina, after all, is just another part of the body of the female human, like hair. Sometimes hair catches fire. Life happens. Big deal.

They know that traditional gender roles are no longer suitable to sustain the genius of today's woman.

They understand that women were mistreated traditionally when men pushed the cart before the horse. Men still do. They still try. The true feminist smiles. She does not bother arguing the obvious to the point of fisticuffs. She is intelligent, afterall.

True feminists rarely do their thing on social media.

They express their genius somewhere in real life. They show how.

Their actions are what get trumpeted and trampled on social media, mostly by bitter men hating fiends with the agony of their gender shrieking through their burning sensibilities.

Men are scum!!!

I agree. I am a scum. Your father is a scum. All your brothers and your uncles are scum. We are scum because God gave us dicks.

And boy, do we misuse that one body part!

Your average Nigerian social media feminist is a bitter romantically butt hurt man hater. Deal with it.

They can no longer deal with men. They are done. So carefully, they spread the ooze of their bitter life choices over a cause to free the female genius.

The true feminists, like Hillary Clinton and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, are happily married.

They have happy families and take pride in them.

So here is the thing, dear average Nigerian feminist.

Yes, Hillary Clinton just tweaked her twitter handle so it doesn't start with 'wife'. But wife is still there in the bio, right in the next sentence.

Hillary Clinton, against all odds and Lewinsky, has a man that touches her face every morning when she wakes up from her nightmares of Donald Trump.

That is the situation now, you average Nigerian social media feminist. Go and get a life.

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