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Nigerian lawmaker's son, Abraham Badru, might have been shot dead because he stopped a gang rape
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Nigerian lawmaker

The police in London are currently investigating claims that the 26 year-old-son of a member of the House of Representatives, Enitan Badru, Abraham Badru, was shot dead in Hackney, East London on March 25th because he tried to stop a gang rape.

Mother of the deceased, Ronke Alli, has told the police that she believes her amiable son was killed by some persons whom he stopped while trying to gang rape a lady in 2009 when he was 14 years old. Abraham received a bravery award from the Metropolitan Police after he helped intervene to stop a girl being gang raped and then gave evidence against her attackers.

Nigerian lawmaker

The 50-year-old mental health worker told the police that her son was threatened by the culprits and his home was pelted with eggs, but he went on to give evidence at court and nine people were convicted, one of whom has been sentenced to life imprisonment. The devastated mum said the intimidation left her son "scared for his life" that in 2009 when he turnd 16, he moved to Bristol to study for his A levels and later a Btec and masters degree.

She said Abraham returned to London to look for a job in 2016 and was shocked when he bumped into one of the attackers, now released from prison, in a nightclub and had to run away. She said his car was vandalised with the mirrors and windscreen smashed, and the tyres removed.

Nigerian lawmaker
Abraham was desperate to leave the Hackney area and had been saving for his own home when he was killed.

Recounting the moment when she was informed her only child had died, Ronke said

"I started shouting 'my only child, my life is empty'. I started rolling on the floor. I was like 'who would choose to do this to Abraham? Who has he offended to that extent to take his life away? He was a very peaceful man, he wasn't violent at all. A very respectful boy and a loving child. He loved everybody and was always at peace with everyone."

The police is still investigating the murder and has announced a £20,000 rewardfor anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of Abraham's killers.

Nigerian lawmaker
Nigerian lawmaker

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