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MODUPE AROWOSHOLA-OKESANJO is very, very popular in London where they call her Dupe BNS. Dupe Okesanjo is a London big babe who has been into showbiz promotion abroad for years. And the good thing about her is that she has been consistently consistent. Over the years, the pretty lady everyone calls Dupe BNS Naija artistes who visit London. She has a lounge where all these shows take place. A few days back, she spoke to City People Publisher, SEYE KEHINDE about her remarkable career in showbiz promotion. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Everyone calls you Dupe B and S. How did that alias start?

The B&S or BNS as some writes it started from my religious slogan Blessing and Success.

You have been in Entertainment all your life. How many years now? How did it all start?

If I count from the years I worked and acted with Sam Loco Efe and Olumide Bakare in NTA Ibadan sitcom Koko Close Oluwa Lambe Lodge, you will be right to say I’ve been in entertainment all my life. But my music promotions started fully in 2003 with PK 1st Abass Akande Obesere. It is 15years now

Tell us your story. Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

I was born into Pa. Oke’s compound in Idikan in Ibadan My father was a very religious man He was an educationist and a clergy who believes in self-sufficiency. He is late Hon Jonathan Oke and my mum is an Ebira woman from the royal family in Okene.

How about schooling? Which schools did you attend?

I attended Sacred Heart Convent School and Our Lady of Apostles Mary way Secondary School, Odo Ona. My A levels (6th form) was at St. Anne’s School, Molete and for further studies, I went to IBADAN POLYTECHNIC where I read Mass Comm. I interned at BCOS & served at Nigeria Tribune all in Ibadan before travelling to the United Kingdom in the late 80s where I studied Politics and Communication. I later started a Fashion & Jewellery business which was very lucrative in the year 2000. I was married and I have 4 children 3 have graduated to the glory of God. The last born is going college.

Let’s talk about your relocation to London. How did it happen?

My relocation to London happened when I had a failed relationship in Nigeria. I decided to further my education in the UK and I have stayed here till present.

I know you’ve done a lot of shows over the last 10 to 20 years. Can you share some of these with us?

My 1st Solo show which I invested my money in, without in conjunction with, anyone was in 2005. The Artist was Obesere. After was Mama Opelope Anointing/Lanre Teriba Atorise with my pastor at the time Pastor Isaac Odejinmi, Olu Maintain hip-hop was just emerging in the music circle of Nigeria.

I later decided to stick to promoting Fuji Artistes because Londoners happened to turn up more for their shows than when it’s juju or Apala artist performing.

I have been Pasuma’s main promoter in the UK for the past 10years now after Hon. Jenyo, his original promoter left London for politics. It’s been a beautiful long journey which has blossom into Alh Wasiu Alabi Odetola Pasuma becoming god dad to my last born. I have had shows with k1 the ultimate in London and Nigeria. It was a great experience that developed into a mentor relationship

What sort of a person is Dupe?

Dupe BNS/B&S is a beautiful kind hearted caring soul. Hardworking single mother of 4 who has a passion for entertainment. A charitable person who like to bring up & mentor young people especially female who are interested in becoming a promoter. Dupe is a practising Christian with the fear of God and respect & compassion for a fellow human.

What is the range of services you offer?

At (BNS) Blessing and Success Promotions we promote music arts and culture we package event for all occasions including organising a rally for political parties. We advertise good and services for companies &individuals. We anchor programmes and events. Provide PA System/DJ and live band for parties. Our others services include catering and decorations.

Is it only showbiz you do?

Dupe BNS popularly known as the crowned queen of promoters in the UK is not just into showbiz only. I am an actress, a producer and entrepreneur

Is Dupe married? Or is she single?

I’ve been single for 10years without intention to remarry because I lost trust in relationships due to the domestic violence and abuse I experience for 18years in my marriage to my children s father

What has kept you going all these years? Did you ever think of giving up?

God has sustained me, the love and support I get from people; the happiness I see on the faces of those who attend my events has kept me going. Although the bad mouthing & rumour mongering about female promoters in a male-dominated industry and the gang up of unscrupulous jealous colleagues nearly made me want to quit at a time, the encouragement from my children not to stop doing what I love kept me going

You recently celebrated your birthday and everyone says you are ageing gracefully. What’s the secret?

I’m grateful to God; It’s been you Lord always; my reliance, my helper? Many don’t know me in person. Many have only seen me on Facebook, Instagram, Utube, Google etc due to my profession. Loads of good-hearted human admire and appreciate my work, but some low lives criticise and talk bullshit. I won’t say they are jealous I’ll rather say they are unoccupied alainise eda niwon.

All they do is run their mouth & sell untrue stories about other people to bloggers Do they even know my relationship status?

My BnS Lounge was the concern of some. My successful shows are the headaches of some usually, I wouldn’t talk or respond to twits &I’m still not going to say a word. I leave it all to God and the good people on social media

A few weeks back it was my low cut that was the talk of the day. I thank those who commented on the fitting and my boldness to wear a bald /skinhead look.

I have 5thousand Facebook contacts and 40k Instagram followers. I’m sure I’ve not dated any one’s husband/family or friends nor introduce any of my female contacts to men in the UK; so what’s their problem?

I am proud of myself and I can hold my head high among Nigerian community home and abroad

In the entertainment industry, there is no doubt about it, I am the clear leader. To the Glory of GOD & my dedicated supporters. BnS is a force to be reckoned with whether they like it or not.

AGBARA mi ko; Olorun ni.

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