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Lagos Owambe parties are not just about eating sumptuous meals and drinking exotic wines. Lagos parties have their various side attractions that add glitz and glamour, making them unforgettable. At Lagos parties, there are the “Oppressors” and the Oppressed”. They are also part of the side attractions.  […]

Lagos Owambe parties are not just about eating sumptuous meals and drinking exotic wines. Lagos parties have their various side attractions that add glitz and glamour, making them unforgettable.

At Lagos parties, there are the “Oppressors” and the Oppressed”. They are also part of the side attractions. They are the ones who make Lagos Owambe parties memorable. If you don’t get the gist, there is a new trend in Lagos social circle Owambe parties that would induce you to want to honour another owambe at weekends.

Have you been to any Lagos party of late where you see a set of 6 to 10 pretty babes dressed to kill? They are called the “Pepper them Gang”. They are sometimes invited by the celebrator’s wife to steal the show. Mostly, they wear the Aso-Ebi picked for the occasion or spot their own special attire. When they are coming to your party, they get the best “Mua” (make-up artist) to get their face beats done. They will make sure they walk into the hall about 5 0’clock when most quests are already seated. The style of their walk in usually makes seated guests to turn 360 degree to catch a glimpse of them. They will walk majestically and make sure people notice them.

If their host has a senior mate, they will move to the dance floor after their host’s senior mate had danced, with purses stuffed with new Naira notes.The “Pepper dem Gang” would storm the stage, tell the musician to start singing inciting lyrics such as “Mi o ba to rogun waye” (I didn’t come to the world because of a rival). They would dance with glee, spraying the musician with the Naira‘s highest denomination. After dancing for a while, they would tell the musician to sing, that their host, a member of “Pepper Dem Gang” is the last bustop. Which means that her husband would not marry another wife.

Another way celebrity women oppress one another is through what they wear at parties. Some are super rich that their wardrobe is filled with luxury range of lace collections like HOH Lace. Don’t forget HOH lace is not sold like normal lace and only a few can afford it. It’s sold from 800 dollars to 3,000 dollars for the latest designs.

At Lagos parties, when you wear HOH lace and match it with Luxury Saco Shoes, you don’t have to get to parties early. Why? Celebrities who wear HOH Lace with their clique of friends always walk like queens. They will come in a few minutes past 5pm when guests are already seated, you will see the “Sample Lace” celebrities nudging themselves, “O ri ara ile e” (see your friend).

The sample lace celebrity wearers are the oppressors. Another way celebrity women oppress one another at Lagos parties is through the special “Aso-Ijo’. It is called dance clothes and are always for selected friends. Those who would spot it won’t put it on until a few minutes to 6pm, when it is almost time for after party activities. They would have brought in their make-up artist, change their clothes at the same time and immediately storm the stage.

Most of those who wear the regular Aso-Ebi are taken unaware by the “Aso-Ijo wearers. Those who don’t wear the Aso-Ijo would undoutfully feel oppressed and start gossiping. “See your friends, awon oni karimi (see your notice me friends).

Have you also ever gone to any party where they pick Ankara as Aso-Ebi? This gist will make you grin. Usually in the past, when Ankara Aso-ebi was picked in the Lagos, people didn’t want to spend much on sewing it, but that is not the case now, you must be able to oppress by spending more on sewing than the face value of your fabric. Do you know what this is called, it is called “Adding my Sauce”. Lagos celebrity women can pay 80k to sew 5k Ankara aso-ebi. This is done most especially at burial ceremonies when they know their hubbies’ other ladies would also be attending. They will make sure the Ankara is transformed to the extent that you will begin to ask if it is the same Ankara aso-ebi, just to oppress their “Friend’s rival as they tag them.

What about the use of diamond and gold? The use of jewellery to show class is common among the young generation of babes.

They will go out of their ways to frill themselves with gold and diamond. They borrow 18carrat gold or diamonds to hype their appearance at events. The moment they get nearer to the entrance, they will keep a straight face and walk tall. When photographs are to be taken, they will make sure that their earrings appear in the photographs, while they use a popular hash tag, “18 carat gold” This is just a way to tell you that their earings are not Brazilian gold orCcubic zirconium.

Yes, there are celebrities, who don’t’ borrow or hire jewellery. Those ones hardly lay emphasis on the jewellery, while those who don’t have feel oppressed.

What about “Spraying of crispy Naira notes,? Some Lagos female celebrities love to show off when they spray. Though, some are so rich and could afford to spray as many bundles of Naira notes as they like. Those who don’t have would want to show off too. Guess what they do, they would have many smaller denomination notes, and hide them with higher denomination notes like N500. They would display the N500 notes, and storm the stage. Those who are seated, but don’t know the gimmick would feel bad and oppressed, while they watch, while others who know the gimmick will laugh and say “She won’t spray higher denomination notes”.

Do you also know some Lagos celebrities oppress one another through using popular make-up artists. Some, who want their faces on Instagram pages would never go to an up-coming make-up studio to have their face beats done. They will only go to an A-list celebrity make-up artist.

When you check their Instagram pages, you see them reposting, mentioning names and when they get to parties and people ask, Oh, your face is beautiful, you will hear “Oh, it done by…). It is mainly to show off for some. It is class and show off gimmick among celebrity women.

Some celebrity women also oppress others by taking drinks and food to parties Yes, this may amaze you that the person who brings food vendor and drink may not even have a close relationship with the celebrator. They are friends by extension, but in other to impress, they will have their table, bring their food, bring their expensive drinks and make sure the seats are filled with beautiful babes. Then they will storm the stage later to honour the celebrator with cash. Eko for show. No doubt.

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