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Finally, I’ve Found A Man That Completes Me! •Sexy Actress, ANITA JOSEPH

Love her or hate her, one fact everyone agrees about Anita Joseph is that she’s quite a strong and tenacious personality. She plays by her own rules alone and not by what a group of persons or what the society expects of her. Truth is, she does her own […]

Love her or hate her, one fact everyone agrees about Anita Joseph is that she’s quite a strong and tenacious personality. She plays by her own rules alone and not by what a group of persons or what the society expects of her. Truth is, she does her own thing without giving a hoot whose ox is gored, so long as it does not affect the next person. A pretty remarkable actress who has proven herself in the industry over the years, this gorgeously curvy actress has continued to win herself tons of admirers, not just via her movies, but largely on account of her sexy big butt and curvy shape.

Give it to this movie diva, she’s by all means hot and sexy, little wonder why she has such a huge following on her social media platforms. Men drool at her irresistible backside and sexy shape while many women despise her for it because of the sort of massive male attention she attracts to herself with it. Weeks ago, City People’s Senior Editor, WALE LAWAL, was able to get Anita to do an interview after being on her trail for a while. And it was vintage Anita Joseph, frank, real and unpretentious. Enjoy the excerpts.

A lot of people have different perceptions of who Anita Joseph is, but please tell us a bit about yourself…

Well, my name is Anita Joseph, and I’m an actress. I’m from a family of 10 children, 7 girls and 3 boys, I’m the 9th child. I was born in Onitsha, so I did my primary and secondary schools in Onitsha , Aba and Port- Harcourt.

Because of my dad’s work, we moved around a lot. This made me develop a passion for travelling and living in different cities. For my University education, I graduated from the University of Calabar.

What sort of young girl was Anita Joseph while growing up? Were you the quiet type of girl then or you have always been restless and full of energy?
I have always been full of energy, but not restless. I was a tomboy growing up. I was the boss amongst my peers. I hated bullies and always fought against them right from when I was growing up. I even fight the fights that are not mine while protecting others.

At what point did you realize you had the talent for acting?
I delved into acting when I was 12 years old, but I didn’t take it seriously. I was just acting in school plays and that earned me the position of the head of the drama group. I went as far as directing the stage plays too but mostly I loved singing. I would do the dancing and singing part then go back behind and direct. I was very talented so everyone in school reckoned with me.

How did you get your big break in the industry?
I got my big break in 2007 with Bandit Queen. It was a really big movie then. It was the movie that first shot me to prominence followed by Tears In My Heart and Desperate Millionaire, it was really an amazing experience. After I did these set of movies, things began to fall into place for me in the industry and I thank God for everything.

Who were the big names in the industry that you were looking up to at the time?
In Hollywood, I was intrigued and inspired by Vivica Fox for years, but in Nollywood, I looked up to Eucharia Anunobi, Joke Silver and Bimbo Akintola. Those years, I was learning and understudying a lot of artistes. I loved watching their movies because of their intensity in interpreting their roles. I also loved their charisma, passion and their poise.

Be honest with us, with a face and body like yours, you must’ve had quite some problems with movie directors and producers who wanted to have a part of you, can you share some of that with us?

Well, the movie industry is not what we think. Naturally, men ask women out and if a man relates in that way to a woman in the movie industry then it’s a natural phenomenon, it’s up to her to say yes or no. There are a lot of men in our industry who are supportive and we also have the ones that mentor the upcoming actors. I have been fortunate to meet those ones before I got to this stage. It’s all about focus, determination and a woman knowing her worth and maintaining her dignity and respect regardless.

If you were to make a pick, which Naija male celebrity would you prefer to spend an evening with and why?
An evening, right? I take that to be dinner. So over dinner, I will like to spend an evening with Pete Edochie because of his brilliance and wisdom. I will like to ask him so many questions and gain a some knowledge and wisdom from him, he is a legend.

You’re clearly a pretty trendy lady, what’s your favourite fashion accessory? Any favourite designers?
I wear a lot of designers but I love Gucci the most, its classy and ‘chicky.’ For Fashion accessories, I love top designer bags and gold jewelries.

You’re one lady that’s always daring, full of life and always bursting with energy, where would you say you picked all of that from?
I was born that way as you can see. Life is for the living, I know my goals and aspirations, so with that as a motivating factor, I’m always filled with vigor.

One of the reasons why I admire you, apart from the fact that you are by all means an attractive looking woman, is the fact that you have always been a strong willed and very positive minded lady, can you share with us that point in your life when you realize you needed to have that sort of spirit to go on in life?

I’m a happy person who enjoys being in a happy environment. I have come to understand a secret in life which is the power of “positive thinking.” So, I tend to stay on the positive side which generally brings more positivity my way. Life is not fair and sometimes not as planned but I believe there is a reason for everything. I love one of my sister’s words, she wrote, ”With tenacity and firmness of purpose, one can pass any hurdle and achieve the success they so desire.” And this has been my guiding principle.

Whether deliberately or otherwise, you always seem to make headlines with your butt, do you consider it your most outstanding feature?
It’s not deliberate at all o, my curves are what my mama gave me. My mum was very curvy, God bless her soul. It runs in d family. And about making headlines? Hmmm… who no like better thing? Bust seriously and most importantly, every part of my body is real, no plastic or surgery of any kind and that makes me stand out always. It’s the real deal.

With your beauty and incredibly gorgeous figure, you will always be getting tons of attention from men, how does it make you feel when you know that hundreds of guys desperately wish to get their hands on you and your beautiful body?
I get attentions quite a lot, but I will rather be appreciated for my brains, what I have to offer and the legacy I will leave behind in this world. Beauty is more appreciated when it comes from the inside. Yes, my butts and curves are quite hot but there is more to Anita Joseph and I wish men will see that too and not focus only on ‘bum bum’ things.

A lot of people, particularly the ladies, feel you flaunt your figure, especially your butt just so you can continue to enjoy male attention and patronage, how do you respond to that?
Ladies will always be ladies. Naturally in life, you can’t please everyone and to be honest I don’t pay much attention to those set of people, it is what it is. My curves and butts are hot, at least that’s a fact everybody agrees with. The ladies who think I flaunt too much should just have to deal with it. They should flaunt theirs, mind their business or get a life!

A lot of people are wondering why is Anita Joseph not married, inspite of her beauty and the attention she enjoys from men? Is it that you’re scared of marriage or of men?
Well, I didn’t want to make this public before, but I’ll say it all the same. I have finally found myself a man. A good man. I have found a man who completes me, the one who makes Anita Joseph whole. A I’m so, so happy. But no worry, you go soon hear.

Describe to us the private Anita Joseph that we don’t know
On a deeper level, I am a very spiritual person and I love my privacy. I love service to humanity. I do a lot of charity work. I love helping the needy, especially the motherless and children living with cancer. I am unveiling one of my pet projects soon and I do hope as individuals we can reach out more to the ones who no one remembers because service to humanity is the best work of life.

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