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The just concluded TV Reality game show, Big Brother Naija Double Wahala has come and gone but left behind a big bang in terms of the sensational outcome of all that was experienced by the 20 Housemates. To start with, living in a house, cut off totally from the outside world, under 24hrs daily scripting by hidden cameras in every corner of the house for 85 days is no joke.

With no other company but themselves, no phones, print or electronic media modes, in total seclusion other than close monitoring and daily dairy talk sessions with the Big Brother element of the show and with introduction of various tasks, early morning exercise regimen and Saturday night parties for fun factor; it was a matter of time before personality cum character traits of the housemates began to play out after the first few weeks of living closely together.

Eventually revealing human attributes, abilities, temper tantrums, potentials, capabilities, wanton display of opposite sex attraction modes, that sometimes bordered on immorality, also explicit humourous acts, behaviour flaws were justified at times, other times not excusable, extreme and almost bizarre actions.

Different levels of exposure, intellect, talent, physical skills were also manifested by the housemates in undertaking various task presentations in the house and partaking in the reality show experiment for a whopping sum of 45 million naira cash as well as other prizes.

By virtue of living together in close proximity and the demands of the game, the passion, skills, potential, personalities of each housemate were exposed, each attracting a fan base in the process, lots of media hype and almost obsessive followership by viewers. No doubt a social test in terms of ascertaining and discovering tolerance levels, coping mechanisms, ability to live with others in total seclusion from the outside world; the reality show also turned out to be a learning cum grooming for maturity process for most of the housemates. To that end, the group and partnership tasks came in handy, revealing a lot to the housemates about themselves and the things they could get up to under various circumstances, their levels of reasoning, emotional and physical capacity put under constant test throughout the duration of the show.

The Sensationalism Quality Of The Show

Overtime, the interactions by the housemates led to various battles, challenges, obstacles to cope with where exposure level, upbringing, ethical norms, social virtues/vices, individuals strengths/weaknesses, and inter personal relations were concerned.

All these put together, culminated in a good show for the viewers most at whom were perpetually glued to the cable channels on Television that aired the show, following, it ardently and becoming totally attached to running commentaries, taking sides for or against any of the housemates on social medial platforms to such length that were almost extreme.

The frenzy with which fan base for the housemates grew, the buzz constantly drew attention to the sites in assessing the activities of the housemates, the support based for housemate favourites by even celebrities as well as viewers all across the African continent, was phenomenal.

Week in week out, throughout the duration of the show, the organizers infused new dimensions, sometimes almost compromising the rules of the game, heightened the ‘Double Wahala” tag given to the show. This angle as well as the individual personalities of the housemates ensured that the show sold out in billions of naira profit for the organizers/sponsors through votes by fans to keep their favourites in the house and a wine emerging by highest number of votes. At 30 naira per votes through Text messages and online, viewers pumped in good money to deliver on eventual winner. It was reported that over 170 million votes was cast in the entirety of the show.

WHY Did The Show Make Such Impact?

On close scrutiny, the element of 20 personalities diverse in every way was a major factor. The entertainment value of watching different personalities play the game, noticing those who understood the essence of the game from the start and using that key to their advantage, as against those who were seen as underdogs and not given a chance to last to the end, the intrigues of in-house romance affiliations, toxicity from full outs, elements of character flaws, pride, arrogance, intolerance, envy was interesting to watch. Also, clear skills, ability and inability to bring excitement, fun and drama to the game, star quality inmate in any individual housemate, charisma, charm, outlook and general disposition of life, pretence, being real on the part of the housemates determined how much impact the show had in terms of acquiring viewership.

Big Brother Naija ‘Double Wahala’ reality show packed all this in a bunch with different characters and partnership value infused from the start of the game.

What this meant was that after the initial early weeks of living together, natural ‘power’ blocs/caucuses made more prominent by the staring of fate between partners hence the Double Wahala tag began to emerge triggering interesting outcomes that raised viewership. At a point through the partnership affiliations by the housemates derailed as most seamed to forget the ‘game element’ of the show, lost focus and ended up as romantic/emotional partnerships instead of game spirit liaisons. For the viewers and fans of the show, watching their favourite partners, tracking the romantic involvements, quarrels, friendships was good show.

Subsequently, favourites began to emerge where partnerships were concerned with interesting team names such as Pritto, Loto, Leolex, Ceeto etc. The antics and shenanigans of the partners particularly those seen as couples e.g. Banteddy, Ceeto, Leolex, Loto heightened the shows ratings, increased viewership, transcending into more votes for favourites partners and in effect mega bucks for the organizers.

The entertainment factor increased even more when most of the partnerships that counted for something led to intrigues that bordered on show of suspicion, jealousy, misinterpretation, bitterness and even more quarrels.

In essence, the partnership and Double Wahala brought so much drama not only inside the house but outside by the viewers reactions to ‘happenings’ in the house. Just as viewership increased, so did fan base of favourite housemates got stronger to the point of polarization, enmity, cyber bulling and media hype to incredible heights, friends and families of housemates built Instagram accounts for them, flairs; T. Shirts made, bill boards super imposed on various social media sites, the buzz was loud and practically everyone knew a reality show called Big Brother Naija Double Wahala was ongoing.

High Points Of The Show

Just as various intrigues were played out, there were loads of immorality exhibited and encouraged through the duration of the show, likewise, some high points played out too from typical human behavious and reactions to different scenarios as seen by different. Housemates on the show. So did some sound, strong friendships/alliances, mentorship relationships, emerge.

In physical attributes, determination and can do, fun loving spirit, the pair of Housemates Miracle and Tobi was noticeable and came to the fore. The pair through their alliance and friendship charged the dynamics of the game as viewers got drawn to them. At a point it looked like a tie would happen when it comes to voting for a winner. However as in all things with a good and bad side, whilst Miracle sped off the starting blocks with his pilot charm, smile, outspoken, direct stance and a prize gem in his romantic liaison with cute Naïve Nina, the innocent union that won the viewers heart, Tobi spiraled to a bad fall through his inability to manage and handle his liaison and eventually fall out with Cee C. That singular fall catapulted to a stranger fan base for Cee C who unknowingly and by virtue of her quarrelsome stance seen as inner strength by many fans managed to heighten drama in the house and kept viewers entertained. A quality which was not missed by the organizers of the show and in essence her foibles grossly over looked.

Big Brother character played a great mentorship role for most part of the show which was also a high point. Viewers kept glued to the diary sessions to see how he tele-guided the housemates at moments of breaking point and overwhelming emotional trauma as well as through his ability to psyche the housemates in sound positive direction and disciplinary modes when needed.

The various pay Porte games tasks, the peps, challenges, the plays and presentations staged by housemates, the charity contests, visits by celebrities to the house, Saturday night parties, vast array of food items weekly, the gifts given to housemates by the sponsors, T-shirts, Party Clothes, Spa/Salon Treatments, Cinema and Games Arena, Cosmetics gifts heightened the element of surprise and fun aspect of the reality show.

Nomination and eviction nights were highly entertain and for most part of the show predictable thanks to social media. The trend on twitter and other social media factors made outcomes obvious.

The Housemates

From the start of the game and after the initial mix, it was clear which housemates were to be watched in terms of what they had to offer on the show.

Tobi Bakare

Young, fun loving, humourous ambitious and a free spirit determined to do all it takes to win and an housemate with most head of house win, his sense of style, physique, good looks and intellect plus the entertainment factor he brought to the game got him off on a sound start.

In playing the game, he soon made enemies, most out of envy and his poor handling of the relationship with Cee C made viewers conclude that he is immature and a people pleaser. He also came across as a ladies man that reduced his fan base largely. His expressive nature was also often interpreted as gossip to his detriment. Exuding so much charm that obviously inmate, he is one to watch in the future.


The handsome trainee Pilot with a strong will to survive all odds stole the heart of viewers with his direct, frank nature. From the start of the game, he take his time to understand the scenario on ground when it comes to the personalities of other housemates. He remained focused to the end even through his fun loving side. His loyalty to naira and friendship with Tobi won him tons of admirers. The ease with which he won several tasks and the determination exhibited made him a winner in the hearts of many. He did not suffer fools gladly and at times appeared stubborn and arrogant but was loved by many. His fan base grew tremendously whilst his popular slogan ‘we die here’ and his fascination for flying caught the viewers totally. He was a top contender from the point nomination and evictions became the focus of the game.


Pretty with a great figure, Cee C gave her best through double wahala. Her insecurities, sensitive nature and over hot temper brought her to limelight. It polarized viewers and built a large fan base for her just as it increased viewership of the show. At a point the debate about her foibles and character almost polarized viewers/fans the bulk of whom are from other African nations.

The bitterness gained from falling out with Tobi and misconception that he was after her downfall when in fact she tormented him unfairly made the show interesting to watch but tiring at a point. Her character was not in good light for many who felt she needed some form of therapy still because of her personality. So its entertainment factor, she Cee came second at the end of the game.


Very loud, boisterous, energy and a skilled dancer, luck was on her side such that despite giving herself much chance to go far in the game, she eventually ended up as a finalist. She entertained viewers in the way she related with Big Brother during diary sessions and with housemates in general.


Very naïve, timid and lacking self confidence on the show, from the back where she placed herself, fate grace and pure luck plus viewership support foibles romantic liaison with Miracle saw her to the final. The innocence she brought to bear whilst in the house and the motivation she drew from big brother, Miracle and housemates close to her in the house made her interesting to watch on the show.


Very smart, intelligent, eloquent Tolu was often misinterpreted in the house as someone not straight forward. However he gave good account of himself through the house tasks, presentations and his relationship with Anto.


Was double faced all through the show which entertained viewers greatly but not enough to keep her in the house. Her character though interesting was for most part exhausting to watch.

She however would be remembered for her slim physique, her trendy outfits, make-up skills and outspoken nature.


Very forth right, outspoken and sometimes tactless. However Ifu comes across as someone very talented and creative. Though strong in outlook, over time she exhibited emotional sides to her when overwhelmed by on goings in the house. She would have gone far but for the pouring partnership and the fact that her personality was grossly misinterpreted by many.


Fun loving, trendy and pretty. Vandora was too playful from the start, a quality that made her appear unreal and putting on an act. She had some great cosmetic and make up appearances during her stay in the house.

Dee One

A comedian that, for most of his time in the house, was far from humourous but often appeared sarcastic in nature to many. This made him less attractive to viewers and gave him a short stay in the house.


Bright, intelligent, pretty and fun-loving. Alreeka was liked by many but gave a feeling that she was holding back to letting go on the person deep inside she had potentials to go far but for the pairing of partners that saw to her quick exit.


For most of his time in the house, Leo was quiet, careful, and always asleep. His constant revelation about his status and background made him appear a show off to some housemates and by extension the viewers. He did not bring any A quality to the game and at a point be appeared content being an on looker, playing so far and a counselor to Alex. When it comes to double wahala tag, Leo brought no pizzazz nor drama to the table so much so it was obvious his stay in the house would not last despite his good looks, level of exposure and personality.


The eldest and somewhat most mature housemate, he mentored the others a lot of the time and became too predictable in the process. Though talented, creative, knowledgeable , the father figure didn’t do much for him as it lacked drama even though he exhibited anger out burst a few times and his attraction to Alreeka was fun to watch.


There was something about Princess that made her out of range and not fitting into the big brother reality game show. Though with good looks, mature and exposed her constant switch of accents from the American drawl to pidgin to straight English sounded an act just as her constant attempt to play integrity within confines of the house looked unreal to viewers.


With a good frame and shiny ebony skin, Britto would pass for the guy with good looks but when it came to bringing entertainment to the show, he tried too hard too early such that it appeared unreal. His disposition was not appreciated by viewers at all.


With good command of English language and an intellectual outlook, Kbrule’s sensitive and on edge nature gave him a quality that Oozed need to overcome and change many things. By the time he was disqualified, viewers were more relieved than entertained.

Bam Bam

Soft spoken lady like and well behaved, Bam Bam brought entertainment to the show with her talents, creative spirit and physical skills. She however got too consumed by her romantic partnership with fellow housemate which viewers enjoyed but not enough to keep her in the house as many felt she was holding back her real personality.


Good looking, amiable, well behaved Ricco, though a good cook which was fun watch, he played it too safe and that did not endear the viewers enough to take him to the finals.

Teddy A

Tall good looking with athletic build though talented did not exhibit physical skills as his outlook portrays. He focused on playing the fame and gave a good show of his real self a few times whilst in the house but his seeming arrogance, brought no advantage to him as the entertainment factor of his romance with Bam Bam. Liked by many in the house eventually, His personality and abilities sadly were not enough to keep him in the house.

Overall, the show went well throughout the 85 days it lasted. There were no mishaps or opt outs apart from two housemates being disqualified. It was however not shocking how the game played out considering the characters traits/flaws of the housemates which included entertainment factor, potentials to give drama and innate star quality aside from a few surprises. Most of the times, comments by viewers/fans on social media dictated how the pendulum would swing on eviction day being the power of social media. On a whole the double wahala tag to the game was brought to bear by the Character traits of housemates like Cee-C, Alex, Tobi and Chloe. The initial partnership that led to romantic affection almost doused the essence of the game, a quick re-shuffle by big brother, the game re-set, the return of 2-evictees Anto and Chloe though not exactly welcomed and unfair to other housemates game value wise, ensured that the double wahala tag to the game remained intact, sustained viewership and attracted high fan base for the housemates reckoned with by viewers.

In all, the aim of the show’s organizers and sponsors worked as sensationalism and drama was portrayed to high end that drew public interest and heavy profit through votes for the housemates.

The down factor of the show however was the explicit and sometimes erotic scenes as displayed by housemates, provision of excessive liquor, the brazenness of quarrels, choice of words, insults and use of foul language that border on the offensive. Surely a reality game show can be aired devoid of these extremities such that its not seen as promoting immorality and awful attitude, alcohol intoxication even if it’s an adult show.

Playing for money especially that large amount should involve that which is all encompassing such as good behaviour, comportment, intellect, creativity, talent physical skills, leadership qualities game spirit, determination and hard work. Otherwise it would appear frivolous, mere livings in a house with other people for that amount.

But then again, BBN Double Wahala factor sensationalism or not, has proved that it is not that easy to co-exist with others even if for money.

–Special Report

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