Wed. Apr 24th, 2024
2019 Election: You are deceiving yourself - PDP tells Buhari
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2019 Election: You are deceiving yourself -?PDP tells Buhari

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lampoons President Buhari as suffering from self-deception to think he can win the 2019 Presidential election, in spite of his abysmal performance and widespread rejection by Nigerians.

A statement released by the opposition party says, It is indeed unfortunate and characteristic of failed leaders that President Buhari cannot read the clear handwriting on the wall, even as demonstrated by the scanty attendance at his Bauchi rally on Thursday, where he boasted about winning the 2019 elections.

We know that the President and his handlers are banking on manipulating the electoral processes to foist themselves back to power by depending on their blood relation in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to assist in providing data of underage voters in Katsina, Kano states and some other porous areas of the nation.

What President Buhari has failed to come to terms with is the uncompromising resolve of Nigerians across the country, particularly the youths, to resist any form of rigging in 2019. It is shocking that on the face of colossal failure of governance leading to hunger and starvation, ethnic division, bloodletting and killings in our land, Mr. President is more concerned about a selfish agenda of foisting himself on a people who have become despondent of his leadership.

By his remark in Bauchi on Thursday, when he boastfully claimed that he will take power again in 2019, Mr. President has demonstrated an unimaginable disdain for Nigerians, showing that he cares less about the carnage in our nation under his watch, and he is only concerned with winning election. That, to say the least, is a mark of statesmanship.

This is a leader who came into office on the plank of promises of fighting insurgency and corruption as well as guaranteeing economic prosperity. Shockingly, Mr. President has not only failed on all fronts, his body language is aiding and abetting corruption, harassment and intimidation of citizens as well as instilling of siege mentality in our land.

We therefore advise Mr. President and his dysfunctional All Progressives Congress (APC) to stop misleading themselves about the possibility of staying a day beyond May 29, 2019, as they can no longer deceive or coerce Nigerians to submission.

On our own part, the repositioned PDP will continue to stand with the Nigerian people and remain sensitive to their plights, particularly, at this critical time. We will not relent on our pursuit for the fulfillment of their wishes and aspiration for a truly democratic, fair, just and equitable nation, where all are free and granted their required space to prosper in all fields of endeavor, in line with our ideology and manifesto.

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