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What Celebrity Women Spend Every Weekend •To Look Good For OWAMBE Parties

Guess how much a typical celebrity woman spends on looking good each weekend. Do you know celebrities in Nigeria spend a minimum of 200k to 300k every weekend to look good for their weekend “owambe“? Looking good is a serious business no doubt and the amount spent varies as […]

Guess how much a typical celebrity woman spends on looking good each weekend. Do you know celebrities in Nigeria spend a minimum of 200k to 300k every weekend to look good for their weekend “owambe“? Looking good is a serious business no doubt and the amount spent varies as it has to do with one’s pocket size. Do you know that right now, many Nigerian female celebrities spare no cost to make sure they look their best at every owambe? Of course nobody wants to look ugly at any social function while others are looking “hot and sassy“.

That is why many Lagosians will spare no cost to match up with their counterparts when it comes to looking their best for any owambe. This has not only boosted the Sales of fabrics business in Nigeria, it has also made many Nigerians who are in the events sector smile to the bank every weekend. The likes of fabric sellers, make-up artists, beauticians to mention a few are the ones who rake in millions on daily basis.

Presently, Nigerian celebrities weekends start as early as Thursday with Engagements, weddings, burials, chieftaincies. Many female celebrities even attended over 5 parties each week while they also buy aso-ebi to show love to their friends. This aso-ebis sometimes cost a fortune, some also go as far as buying new jewellery, new shoes to look their best while the make-up artist smiles to bank every weekend.

It may also amaze you that some celebrities will not only pick aso-ebi, they will also pick shoes and purse and aso-ebi and many celebrities will spare no cost to buy this aso-ebi shoes and purse. It is a show of affluence for some while it is a mark of solidarity for others. The statement has always been“ She buys my aso-ebi, I will also buy hers“.

Speaking with Mrs Sola Abolore, a top fabric merchant in popular Balogun market in Lagos Island, on how much it costs celebrities to look good at any owambe, she explained that it depends on the pocket of any individual. “Well, it all depends on your pocket. Sometimes, when we buy Ankara of 10,000 naira with aso-oke headgear, we sometimes sew for 50,000. Though some sew as low as 10k.

But if you want to embellish your Ankara with stones, it is cheaper, that may cost you a minimum of 30,000 extra with sewing but embellishing with beads to change the Patten of Ankara which takes a minimum of 2weeks costs about 50,000 with sewing. . Don`t forget that we sometimes buy new shoes and purse or manage the one we have at home. But one thing is sure; we will surely get our make-up done.

To have Banke Meshida handle your face for a party look; it costs about 40 to 50k. For Demi Williams, it is about 35,000 naira but you know we Lagosian go to parties alot and that is why we normally use the small fries, who will take a minimum of 10,000 to 5,000 naira. Don’t forget that we sometimes go to parties from Thursday through Friday to Sunday. We have to show love to some of our loved ones, they also support us when we have parties too“ she revealed.

Another Lagos celebrity who doesn’t want her name mentioned explained that it sometimes costs her a minimum of 300k and above for her look good at any owambe. Her words were, “it all depends on how close you are to the individual having a party. Don`t forget that we sometimes pick `aso-ijo`(special attire for friends of the celebrant) and it varies. Sometimes we pick exclusive Lace as aso-ijo after picking general aso-ebi.

The aso—ijo sometimes costs a minimum of 100k and above, but it adds glamour to events when we wear it later at the party. Don’t forget that we also sometimes take our personal make-up artist to social functions to ease off the tension of looking for a make-up artist. We sometimes share souvenirs if we want, but that can’t be included. If I have to look at it, I spend a minimum of 200k on Owambe every weekend. But it’s money I am happy spending“ she explained
Mrs Koforola Animashaun also told City People Magazine that money spent on owambe starts from Nail polish.

Your Nails have to be well painted while your feet must be well pedicured. You have to also make sure that your hair is done. Do you know that as I am speaking to you, I have over 5 aso-ebis that I have bought for parties of next 1 month? My friends also buy mine. Though those aso-ebis are relatively affordable but it is sewing that makes us spend more.

Imagine when you buy Ankara of 5,000 naira and you have to use over 20,000 to sew. You also have to get a shoe that goes with your attire and get good jewellery to match, it with. No matter how much you minimise cost, you will end up spending over 300,000 naira in 2 months on aso-ebi. Reacting to the question of if it was compulsory to buy aso-ebi , she explained that it is not good to ignore people’s aso-ebi because you are also going to have a party and pick aso-ebi. Her words her “if you don’t buy people’s aso-ebi, people wont buy yours and if you ignore aso-ebi, people will tag you as a broke person“. You have to make sacrifices as a celebrity and this is part of it.

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