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Charity Asuquo

How did the journey into Nollywood start for Charity Asuquo?

I started my acting career in 2011 and by God’s grace, I have acted and starred in movies like; Uchechi The Blind Cripple, alongside Ini Edo, Walter Anger, Chacha Eke and Eniola Badmus. I have also featured in a movie titled ‘Before My Wedding’, starring alongside Chiwetal Agu. Some of the other films I have featured include: Aribe Agwa Agwu; Royal Adventure with Chika Ike; The Villager; Sharon; Magic Forest; Mary The Magic Girl with Chioma Akpotha and lots more.

Thought my acting journey began in 2011, but I didn’t truly find my feet until 2013. It was then I decided it would be a career for me to follow. I can’t say it has been rosy, there have been low and high moments but all in all I have reason to thank God. Each day the battle becomes more intense but I, Charity Asuquo, have decided to stay and I will give it all the fight in me.

It seems there are many pains on the road to relevance in Nollywood?

Yeah, it is like a labour market – very tedious. One of the most painful things in Nollywood is tribalism. I love everything about the industry except for tribalism, which has cost me so much but I know I will overcome it.

Isn’t the tribal issue between the Igbos and Yorubas?

No, everyone is discriminated against in Nollywood. Even we, the Akwa Ibomites are not spared. It doesn’t bother me much because regardless of it I know I shall succeed.

Is it true that the girls from Akwa Ibom State are the hottest in the industry?

I can’t say these people are hotter than others or not. Everything depends on how the individual carries herself. But the girls from Akwa Ibom seem to carry themselves well and that may be of certain significance to some people.

But generally, how do you describe an average Akwa Ibom girl?

Generally, I will always describe myself and Akwa Ibom ladies as  mothers and good cooks. I believe we’re the best in all ramifications. We’re supposed to be called “home made food”, yes, because we engage in small businesses to keep our home. We believe so much in handwork.

Is it true that they are also very good in bed?

(Laughs) Yes and no.

Why yes and no?

Like the answer I gave earlier, it is an individual thing, it has nothing to do with Akwa Ibom women as a people. I know there is this notion that we are very hot in bed, I will tell you it is a wrong perception. It is so annoying sometimes when a guy finds out you are from Akwa Ibom and immediately assumes you are a sex addict. Some even say it to your face that you must be hot in bed because you are from Akwa Ibom State. Honestly, if a guy says that to me, or asks if I am good in bed because of my State he automatically loses me.

Why, aren’t you good in bed?

I don’t know about that and I don’t want to discuss it. What I know is that, every woman can be good in bed depending on her mindset when she’s moved. It is not about me or Akwa Ibom girls. The most painful aspect of this perception is that, they won’t even ask but rather draw the conclusion that you must be good in bed because you are from Akwa Ibom. All it means to me is that the guy is only attracted to you because of sex. I can’t live with that. I love sex like every other woman but should I make an advert of it?

What has being an actress changed about your life?

Being an actress has really affected my life in many areas. For one, it has helped me restructured my life. Now, unlike before I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes for any reason whatsoever. Sometimes, I may wish to do a certain thing but when I remember I am a mirror as an actress and that, people may say ill things, I quickly change my mind. Generally, I have come to realise that my life is not all about myself, every action and every move may affect the lives of others. It has also taught me to be tolerant and be more conscious of myself.

What is it you really hate about Nollywood?

I don’t really hate anything about the industry, perhaps, for the insincere associations. In Nollywood, you can’t find a true friend. You can’t trust anyone as a friend. Seriously, there are no true friends in Nollywood.

What are your worst location experiences?

There was a set where we had over 20 girls and they were all Igbos. I was the only non Igbo on the set and it wasn’t a pleasant experience for me. I could feel the hostility in the air, from both the guys and the gals. All of them ganged up against me, to the extent that I didn’t complete the job.

Another experience I can’t forget was when I finished on set late at about 2pm in an unknown environment and there was no vehicle to take me back to the hotel. I cried and cried but I survive it.

What is your most interesting role in a film and why?

That must be the role of Ebere in the movie titled ‘Before My Wedding’. That role really brought out the beast in me. I never knew I could quarrel and shout  that much. I also believe that my very best role in a movie is in just concluded movie I did  two months ago and yet to be out which I played alongside Yul Edochie. That also brought out the best in me.

Has acting cost you anything like a romantic relationship before?

Yes, of course. Every man that comes into my life always wishes I were not an actress. Initially, they would pretend as if it didn’t matter but they will eventually come around to asking me to stop acting. It has not been easy being an actress and staying in a lasting relationship. Most men get uneasy with dating an actress.

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