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Things Fall Apart Scence

Things Fall Apart by the Jos Repertory Theatre:

The Jos Repertory Theatre in association with the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) is set to bring Biyi Bandele’s stage adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s monumental novel THINGS FALL APART to the city of Abuja for the 48th Independence anniversary celebrations in October.

The production which generated rave reviews during the ANA organised 50th anniversary celebrations of the book Things Fall Apart in Ibadan in April is set to do same with the multi-talented cast put together by the Jos Repertory Theatre under the artistic directorship of Patrick-Jude Oteh.

The first production is billed for the 2nd of October in a presentation for schools at the Cyprian Ekwensi Cultural Centre, Abuja, while the other performances are billed for the Merit House auditorium in Maitama on the 3rd and 4th of October 2008.

According to Denja Abdullahi, the National General Secretary of ANA, the idea behind the play billed for Abuja apart from still celebrating the novel at 50, is that “the book has lessons for all of us in the study of our diverse cultures, our unique gifts as a nation especially as we gradually approach our 50 years as a nation”.

Things Fall Apart is the tragic story of Okonkwo who achieves power and status through his own efforts and determination to succeed in a society which honours strength, wisdom, hard work, courage in war and a plethora of other skills.

Achebe’s representation of life in the early 20th century gives us a society with fully developed institutions in a direct democracy all functioning in a society under the benign supervision of a just God. The tragedy in the story is accentuated with the arrival of the white man and colonial power and Okonkwo’s refusal to come to terms with the new ways which he could not understand.

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    They should not bring it to abuja, period

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    am happy to a part of this

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    All i want to say is that all knows what is bad and what is good, so if know the right do it bye. God bless you all