Senators, others react to Dino Melaye’s arrest

Senators, others react to Dino Melaye’s arrest

Senators and other Nigerians have been reacting to the arrest of Senator Dino Melaye on Monday. His colleague in the senate, Ben Murray-Bruce took to his Twitter handle to issue a statement demanding the “immediate and unconditional release” of Melaye. See his tweets below: . @dino_melaye played a major […]

See his tweets below:

.@dino_melaye played a major role in bringing this government into being. It will be very unfortunate if the sane government he fought for turns around to be the one fighting him. Let this be a lesson for anyone who is fighting for their 2nd term. After you are no longer useful..

— Ben Murray-Bruce (@benmurraybruce) April 23, 2018

I call for the immediate and unconditional release of @dino_melaye. He is one of the few voices left that still speaks truth to power. Nigeria needs men like that and the Dino I know will not be cowed by arrest or persecution.

— Ben Murray-Bruce (@benmurraybruce) April 23, 2018

Senator Shehu Sani, who was recently embroiled in a murder case was more cryptic about his reaction, he simply wrote, “Third Reich Symptoms” referencing the Nazist government and a show of power.

Third Reich symptoms.

— Senator Shehu Sani (@ShehuSani) April 23, 2018

Other Nigerians on Twitter have been reacting to the news since Melaye broke the news on his Twitter Handle on Monday.

See some of their reactions below:

So happy for you bro. Opportunity to go and relaz your navs in detention. Now you can add prison to your cv. From prison to priesthood tinz

Please let him know that he has to refund the esta code for that official engagement. Since he won’t be going for the “official assignment” any longer

— Maitamak (@kdaodu) April 23, 2018

Federal government sent you for an official engagement and you got arrested. Only the reasonable one understands what the FG did.

— Vncntluv (@iamvia1) April 23, 2018

Do not let the FG silent you, its takes courage to be on the part of Truth

Do you OR do you not have bail conditions PROHIBITING travel out of the jurisdiction without the court’s permission. OR you just write your own rules and follow them???

How come we dont get tweets like “I have just been paid my undeserved huge monthly allowance by the FG even when the populace are suffering” from ppl like you?

Do u report to us when you receive your salary and allowances

We that sars has been arresting up & dan , did we complain ? My guy it’s ur cee-c attitude that has landed u there , so enjoy it

— Henry Abacha Wilson (@AbachaHenry) April 23, 2018

The police is your friend. You have nothing to worry about. Remember you asked for police protection as a taxpayer sometimes ago. Enjoy your stay with them.

— Abu imtiyaz (@abu_imtiyaz) April 23, 2018

Stop this social media ranting and go get a Lawyer to defend you in the court of law, a supposed law maker like you should not be desecrating our justice system. Face the prosecution and defend the allegations to prove your innocence. End of story.

— Shehu Bashir (@shehufaa) April 23, 2018

You said you have been arrested and at the same time you are saying no surrender…….. Don’t surrender na, until they seize that your social Media phone

— BetterNigeria (@naijatalksblog) April 23, 2018

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