Membership for Nollywood and African Film Critics Awards

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Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards
Membership in the Nollywood and African Film Critics’ Awards (NAFCA) also known as the African Oscars Award is open primarily to those persons who are actors, filmmakers and members of the media. A qualified individual for NAFCA membership must be a film artist or filmmaker working in one or more of the art form’s key creative areas with work representing an unusually high level of quality and distinction.

To be Stakeholder members, writers, producers, or directors, should have at least one screen credits on films that reflect the NAFCA’s highest standards. An actor should have performed scripted roles in at least one such film.
Some groups (including Art Directors, Executives, Public Relations, Visual Effects and others) also expect new members to have worked in their fields for at least one year. Someone whose contributions to the African film industry fall outside the branch areas may be considered to join as a Basic Member and he or she will still enjoy many of the privileges of membership. Someone who is accomplished in other media, only his or her contributions to theatrical and or film industry will be considered.
The NAFCA membership has unique requirements for each of the 15 peer groups, described under requirements. The different types of membership and privileges are explained in detail under membership types.

NAFCA membership applicants begin their journey to membership by finding current members to sponsor them. If you win the support of one or more sponsors in your prospective group, your proposal will be taken up by the appropriate committees. If approved, it would then be given a final evaluation by the NAFCA Board of Directors.
Also, you will automatically be considered for membership if you were nominated for a NAFC Award for the previous year or if you won one.
Finally NAFCA is an organization representing the best of African art form. As long as your film is known widely enough for the appropriate membership committee to evaluate it and featured at least one African then you may soon be invited to join NAFCA—regardless of where in the world. If you would like to reinstate your membership you can reinstate online by filling out the membership form and by paying the appropriate fee.

You can also apply to change your peer group membership once a year by filling out the form online. If you have any questions regarding this please email us ( ) In order to complete an online application, you must provide the minimum credits required and in some instances we may need contacts for employment verification to make sure your work is related to the film industry. In addition, unless you have received a NAFCA Nomination, you must provide the names of one endorser. Endorsers must be Active members of the African Oscars from the Peer Group to which you are applying. Please contact the endorsers to insure that you are spelling their names exactly as they appear on their Membership Card. If you have received a NAFCA Nomination, the endorser requirement will be waived.

All Memberships are valid for one year and must be renewed before an official invitation to the awards could be granted.

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