Eleanor is a Blonde ambition in Shameful Deceit

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Eleanor Agala  in Shameful Deceit

Eleanor Agala is an actress of Nigerian Heriitage and she is based in London with her daughter.

Eleanor has always wanted to be an actress right from when she was young. She was always in school plays
she decided to pursue her career in 2011 when she attended Identity Drama school. Throughout her stay in the drama school. she always did very well at every end of term show case in the theatres. Since she left identity Drama school she has never looked back
She has featured in theatre productions eg: THE KALAKUTANS   and also GOODBLACK MEN GOODBLACK WOMEN .
 Filmography :            URBAN RHYTHM ( to be premiered 2013)
                                         CULTURAL DIFFERENCES ( series on youtube)
                                         HEARTLESS CARER ( 2013 to be premiered)
                                         ONYE OZI-  An Ibo film( coming soon)
She also starred in SHAMEFUL DECEIT produced by the Fantastic Theodora Ibekwe directed by the wonderful Ruke Amata, Screen play by Evelyn Obahor and Cinematography by Nelson spyk. She stars along side her daughter Angel Agala.  Eleanor has always dreamt of bigger and better things and shes working hard with her daughter to achieve them. They are both fun and extroverts.

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